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Wholesale Discount Prices

Wholesale discounted prices are available to customers that will be reselling our products to the consumer through an established retail shop or web site.

Minimum Order

For UK the minimum order is £20.00+VAT, plus shipping. For international the minimum order is £100.00 plus shipping The only exception is for first time sample purchase.

Product Samples

We do not ordinarily supply product samples free of charge. However, many of our products are available for purchase in sample size in single quantities. Sample orders are exempt from our minimum order requirement.

Placing Orders

You may place your order several different ways:
• Submit your order via our website at
You must be a registered user to view this site. If you have not yet registered please go to the web site, click on “Log In” then “Create New Account”. Follow the prompts and submit your information.
• Call our customer service on 0131 661 4583.
Please have an order form or the web site available when calling so that you can reference item numbers.
• Fax your order to 0131 661 4583. We can provide an order form to you via fax or email.


We have service representatives in various geographical areas that can provide you in-store professional merchandising service. Please call us at 0131 661 4583 and check to see if there is a service representative available in your area. If not we will provide you with the necessary information you will need and will provide professional guidance on the best product mix for various display sizes and configurations.

Lead Time

Typically we ship orders within 4 business days and sometimes the same day. During a busy holiday season it may take up to 8 business days but this is unusual. If you have a rush order please let us know and we will exert extra effort to try to get your order out sooner.

Out of Stock

We try to have everything in stock. However, there may be unavoidable outages. When an out of stock situation occurs we do not back-order out-of-stock items. We will either hold your order if we expect to have back in stock within a few days, or we will send your order without the items, with the expectation that you will order the out-of-stock items on your next order. We will note on your packing slip any items that you ordered that were out of stock.


Shipping costs are determined at the time of shipping and these costs are passed on to the customer plus a minimum charge. You will receive a packing list with your order. If you have a credit account with us please wait to pay from invoice.

Shipping Errors/Damaged Goods

You must notify our office of any shipping errors or goods damaged in transit within 7 days of receipt of shipment. We will then either issue you a credit or send replacement product at no charge. Island Soap Company accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer’s failure to comply with our carrier’s delivery. If the carrier has to return the shipment to us then the customer will be liable for all shipping charges and credited for all merchandise returned in sellable condition.


Our goods are guaranteed to satisfy the customer’s sales expectations. In the event that the customer wishes to discontinue any or all Jennys Homemade Sweets products, any products returned to Jennys Homemade Sweets in sellable condition will be credited to the customer’s account.


Credit Cards: We accept credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We also accept cheques and money orders and Paypal.

You may request a credit application by request via our Contact Us page or by calling 0131 661 4583.


We do not offer exclusivity of the Jennys Homemade Sweets brand products in any one geographical area. However, we strive to coordinate a non-competitive environment among our customers by selling to customers that are a reasonable distant from each other, or offer them a different product mix. We do not exercise control over retail prices except to the extent that we only offer deeper discounts to high volume customers that follow our suggested retail prices.


We thrive on customer feedback. Customer observations, ideas and suggestions are where many of our products originated. We encourage you to point out areas that we can improve and love to receive complements!